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What's in the Cards for the New Year? - December 10, 2019

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As 2019 draws to a close, we've had no time to reflect on our 4th full year of non-stop work on My Love Affair With Marriage, Signe Baumane's independently-produced animated feature film for adult audiences. We've been too busy! Only one more full year of work (plus 3 months) before we premiere in Spring 2021, hopefully at a theater near you.

Signe Baumane and her animation pencils. She goes through a dozen a week.

Looking ahead to 2020 we see deadlines - lots of deadlines - as we sprint to complete this marathon of moviemaking. We see a major fundraising drive emerging in January. We see additional art assistants joining the Brooklyn team. We see post-production personnel adding their skills to this very personal story of Love, Gender and Marriage. We even see ourselves beginning the post production process long before we've completed production. How will that work? Stay tuned, it's going to be exciting.

Signe Skypes with the leaders of the Latvian team, Anete Matvejeva and Georgs Harijs Āva.

Even as we prepare for next year's "Sprint to the Finish" fundraising drive, we are continuing our current "Website Donation Drive". That's the thing about this artist-driven, independent feature film: we have to continually fundraise. So, if you need a year-end tax deduction, or just want to help us out, the Website Donate Page is the place to go.  We cherish your support!  We are very efficient - even frugal - with our funds, but we have employees to pay, and Brooklyn rent is considerable. 

Sofiya Lypka builds a paper-mache forest and Yupu Ding makes digital maps move.

It's been a whirlwind in the Brooklyn studio. To meet one of the many deadlines, Signe has been animating around the clock. She just finished Part II of the film (there are three parts) and let's give her a round of applause for that! Sofiya is making a forest of paper-mache trees for the upcoming Sakhalin sets. She also selects colors for the characters, scans drawings and preps the animation files for the Latvian team. Yupu is our map-master, writing code to create story-telling Maps that are almost characters in themselves.

Sturgis Warner making a Soviet truck. John Holderried, our whiz with numbers.

Sturgis is building sets for the Sakhalin scenes. John is writing exposure sheets for every frame of animation, in addition to his duties as Office Manager. In Riga, Anete and Georgs lead the Latvian team coloring and compositing Signe's animation. And Yasemin will rejoin the Brooklyn team in January after several months away in her native Turkey. 

Here are some finished images from the ongoing work:

Sergei, Zelma's first husband, voiced by Cameron Monaghan.

Sergei with Zelma, voiced by Dagmara Dominczyk.

The Mythology Sirens, social police, sung by the Latvian group Trio Limonāde.

Nina, Zelma's mother-in-law, voiced by Ruby Modine.

Thank you for your continuing interest in and support of My Love Affair With Marriage. We could not do this without you! 

Happy Holidays and much love from all of us!   


Sturgis, Signe, Roberts and the entire My Love Affair With Marriage team.

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