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Let's Celebrate! - May 5, 2021

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Dear Backers,

Amazing! Signe just drew the last of 40,000 animation drawings for "My Love Affair With Marriage"! We still have post-production ahead of us, but let's all pause for a moment to celebrate this important milestone: finishing production.

Another milestone: the final photograph of our background sets

Please join us Sunday May 23, 2021 at 1:00pm US Eastern Time for the Worldwide End-of-Production Celebration of "My Love Affair With Marriage" on Zoom. Signe will take us through the SIX-year journey with hair-raising stories, funny commentary, photos, never-before-seen clips from the film, a RAFFLE and more. Everybody is invited! The event is FREE!

Let's dance!

Here's how the RAFFLE works. Buy one ticket - or 3, or 15, or 200 to increase your chances! If you win, you get to be Signe Baumane's client for one week. She will create an animation specifically for you in her style based on your ideas. Perhaps a greeting, or special video for someone you love. It would make a unique wedding, anniversary or graduation present. Or perhaps you would prefer a painting or a series of drawings. You are the client, it's your choice. The only limitation is Signe's time - one week.

· Tickets are $10 each

· 3 tickets for $25

· 15 tickets for $100

· 200 tickets for $1,000

All proceeds will go toward post-production expenses of "My Love Affair With Marriage". You can buy tickets from now until the May 23rd Celebration by going to the Donate Page of our website:

We will pull the name of the winner from a hat at the Celebration LIVE. Be prepared to make your acceptance speech!

This Artist is at your service

We have scheduled the Celebration for Sunday May 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm US EasternTime to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Here are some of the starting times from around the world:

Hawaii: 7:00 am

Los Angeles: 10:00 am

New York: 1:00 pm

London: 6:00 pm

Riga: 7:00 pm

Moscow: 8:00 pm

Shanghai: 1:00 am (May 24th)

Tokyo: 2:00 am (May 24th)

Sydney: 3:00 am (May 24th)

Here is the Zoom link for the Celebration. Please feel free to share it.

An EXISTENTIAL QUESTION: How many pencils did Signe use to animate "My Love Affair With Marriage"? We'll put all her stubs in a jar for you to study and you can make your guesses on the Chat Function during the Celebration. One of our associates will count the stubs live and the person with the closest guess gets a signed original drawing from the film - and a 4B pencil stub! Be prepared to make your acceptance speech!

Signe and her 4B pencil stubs

We are looking forward to seeing you May 23rd!


Signe, Sturgis and the entire "My Love Affair With Marriage" Team

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