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Happy Valentine's Day - February 13, 2023

Dear Backers,

On this day of Love we want to send you our Love and Gratitude. With your help My Love Affair With Marriage is getting out and around the world.

My Love Affair With Marriage is a great Valentine’s Day movie for smart lovers, groups of loving friends and hopeful singles. That’s why on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the film will screen in 10 theaters in Latvia. Information HERE.

In the weeks to come the film will also screen in Brussels, Luxembourg, Australia, Miami,Tokyo, Amsterdam (information individually linked) and quite a few others that we cannot talk about until the film festivals publicly announce their schedules, often just a week or two before they start.

Signe will soon be hitting the road traveling with the film. Her schedule for February and March includes stops in Brussels, Luxembourg, ___, ___, ___, ___, all in Europe or the Middle-East, most still unannounced.

The film also has a few screenings in the US coming up! Please keep checking the list of screenings on the film's website. As soon as a screening is announced we'll post it on the site.

We hope you can see the film with your friends, lovers, brothers, sisters, mothers and grandmothers! It is a film that must been seen together so you can laugh together, cry together and afterwards discuss it together.

Thank you so much for your Love and Support!

Love, Signe, Sturgis and the entire "My Love Affair With Marriage" Team

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