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Animation Rock Tour - September 19, 2023

Dear Backers, Supporters and Friends,

Starting October 6th in North America, we are bringing My Love Affair With Marriage to theaters near YOU! Since April, we have been planning this tour of the United States with Marketing and Distribution Producer Jon Reiss and his 8 Above Team.

A new model for distributing independent films has been emerging in the U.S: filmmakers taking control of their own distribution process, traveling with their films and creating events around the screenings. We are fiercely embracing it.


Peter Broderick of Paradigm Consulting talks distribution at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. Photo: Javier Badillo.

Through the efforts of Jon and the Team, our hope of bringing the film to North American audiences is becoming a reality. Signe and Sturgis will travel with the film in October, November and even December. Signe will introduce the film, hold Q&A’s and be available afterwards for important conversations and discussions. In addition, some lucky audience members will receive original drawings and posters from the film. Signe will sign postcards afterwards to anyone who wants one. This Event-Cinema tour is as close to a rock-concert tour as we’re likely to get. We hope you’ll join us along the way.

So far, we have screenings scheduled in:

New York City, Los Angeles, Cary NC, Toronto, Tuscan AZ, San Francisco, Portland OR, Salem OR, Camas WA, Seattle, Columbus OH, Chicago, Albuquerque, Cambridge MA, Washington DC, Reading PA, St. Louis, Chatham NY, and Ithaca NY.

Cinema Booker Cindy Banach continues to schedule more venues. Please keep checking the Screenings Page of our website for cities, cinemas, tickets and our stops on the tour:

On October 6th the tour begins in New York City with a weeklong Oscar qualifying theatrical run in Quad Cinema. Signe and Sturgis will be there October 6 - 11 for the 2:30, 5:00 and 7:30 screenings. Some daytime screenings will be free to non-profit groups. Impact Producer Nora Poggi has lined up Ghetto Film School, Day One - a domestic violence awareness group, Russian Speaking American LGBTQ+ Association, with more to come. NYC tickets are on sale.

Signe and Sturgis will travel with the film to Los Angeles where it will preview October 12th at Laemmle Royal and run October 13th - 18th at Laemmle Glendale. LA tickets are on sale.

After LA, the tour continues. Check the website!


1) Sent us suggestions of groups that might benefit from watching the film and a way to contact them (especially in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, San Francisco).

2) You can spread the film’s postcards. Please email us with your mailing address and we’ll send some to you with stickers giving information about screenings in your area.

3) You could share the downloadable link of the digital poster with your friends and family:

4) If you would like to promote the film in your area on Facebook, email us and request a Facebook-event link to invite your friends.

5) And… please make a plan to see the film with your friends! The more the merrier. Put it in your calendar!

Thank you for your love and support on the long journey of creating and distributing this film!


Signe, Sturgis and the entire My Love Affair With Marriage Team

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