Work-in-progress trailer

My Love Affair With Marriage is an animated feature film by Signe Baumane created for adults. It is a personal story of Love, Gender and Marriage infused with songs of Mythology Sirens as well as the Neuroscience of falling in and out of love.

My Love Affair With Marriage is currently in production and will be completed Spring 2021. It has been independently financed with the help of our 1,562 Kickstarter Backers, individual donations and various grants, both in Latvia and the USA.

This independent feature is written, directed and animated by Signe Baumane and supported by a large team. You can get a preview of Signe's unusual tale on the Story page and meet our family of actors, artists and co-workers on the Cast and Team pages. 


Also on these pages we take you through our extensive production process. It is different than most. On our Sets page we lead you on a tour, well illustrated with photos, of how we create our background sets step by step. On our Animation page you will see why animation is such a cool medium and why it takes so long to create. In a short video on the Origins page, Signe talks about what inspired her to make the film and on the Blog page are some updates to our followers of the film's progress. 


This is a massive six-year project. Our fundraising efforts are ongoing. Every day we face the challenge to keep this artist-driven initiative truly

independent. You can support this film by going to the Donate page.

My Love Affair With Marriage is on many social media platforms. Please connect with us, join our mailing list to receive our updates and help spread the word about this unconventional project.

THANK YOU for keeping independent animation alive and helping women's

stories be told!

Meet the Mythology Sirens and our lead character Zelma 

Behind the scenes: shooting the background set for the Mythology Sirens and Zelma above