My Love Affair With Marriage is the story of a woman and her decades-long quest for perfect love and lasting marriage.

At age 7, Zelma is a free-spirit with a wild imagination. She climbs trees in the forest and bonds with her best friends, a pack of wild cats.

Three shape-shifting Mythology Sirens appear and sing a beautiful song instructing Zelma to find a Soul Mate and marry. "You are not a complete person without your soul mate," they sing.

"I am in the air, and I don't care!", Zelma retorts.

In school, Zelma's feral nature does not sit well with her classmates. A boy pulls her hair and she viciously attacks him like a wild cat. When the teacher finally separates them, the class begins to chant "She is not a girl, she is not a girl!"


Zelma is confused. "What does it mean that I am not a girl?"

She turns and sees a boy at a desk behind her with green eyes "like green grass full of promise". Zelma feels a zap and instantly has a crush on him - her Soul Mate!


Heart pounding, Zelma tries to say "hi" to her Soul Mate numerous times, but the boy never even acknowledges her.

Under the Sirens' persistent guidance, Zelma works to transform herself into a kind of girl that boys like: cute, weak, demurring.

"Ah, but there's a price to pay," so warns spunky Biology, who chronicles the neurochemical activity in Zelma's brain.

There are the stress hormones, the neurotransmitters, the neural connections, the amygdala, the prefrontal cortex, and much, much more, all playing pivotal roles as Zelma falls in and out of love.


But Zelma doesn't know anything about that.

As she grows older her efforts begin to pay off. A man likens her to Mona Lisa. Boys want to kiss her. And do more.

Zelma enters adulthood and does do more. Much more.

This film is a personal story, a woman's story, set mostly in the Soviet Union. It follows Zelma through 23 years of growth, relationships and two marriages. The Mythology Sirens and Biology accompany her the whole way. The film explores how love and gender roles are shaped by the clash of an individual's biology with the stereotypes and mythologies of their cultures.

We believe this story will have a lot to offer many people and that animation is the best medium to tell it. Animation does take patience, though, and we hope you stick with us through the long process of creation.

My Love Affair With Marriage will be ready for release in 2021.