My Love Affair With Marriage takes the audience inside the wild, imaginative mind of Zelma on her 23-year quest for Perfect Love and Lasting Marriage.


Zelma, 14

Pressured by Mythology Sirens to be the ideal woman and unable to free herself from the Biology of her own brain, Zelma finds love and loses it multiple times.


Zelma, 23

More than anything Zelma wants love. Only love will make her complete, the Mythology Sirens insist. But love is elusive when you are an outcast at school and a loner at home.


Zelma, 8

Guided by the Mythology Siren's hypnotic songs, Zelma tries to change herself into the kind of girl that boys like - cute, weak, demurring.


Elita, the most popular girl


The Mythology Sirens

It takes more than a song, Biology counters. Zelma has DNA, millions of neural pathways and a vast array of chemical reactions inside her brain that make up her personali﬚. Zelma has no choice but to be a ba﬙leground of conflicts between the Mythology Sirens and Biology as she struggles to find her own ground.



Zelma finally finds requited love and marries for the first time. The love fills her with purpose and meaning.


Sergei, Zelma, 20

But everything she learned about love as a young girl sabotages the marriage, and later, a very different second marriage.


Zelma, 27, Bo

Narrated by Zelma from an older age, My Love Affair With Marriage has a unique perspective on growing up female in traditional socie﬚.


Zelma, 19