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Approaching a Milestone - April 1, 2021

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Dear Backers,

We started production of "My Love Affair With Marriage" in December 2016. Now, nearly 4 1/2 years later, with your support, the production is approaching the finish line! In the Brooklyn Studio the various departments are wrapping up their work. The Set Building Department is the first to finish. Here is the Final Set for the final scene of the film, Scene 145:

A great secret hides within The Final Set

The Lighting and Photography Departments are close behind. Lighting Designer Sturgis Warner and Director of Photography Signe Baumane just lit and shot the set for Scene 142: Bastejkalns, a magical park in Riga, Latvia:

"Take a stroll", invite the Trees

Yajun Shi is the Biology Department. She animates, colors and composites all the Biology sections of the film. Yajun is doing beautiful work, too, and should be finished by early May.

Signe and Yajun go over their Biology-Animation strategies

Meanwhile, in between her other duties, Signe, Chief of the Animation Department, has been working ferociously. Only two more minutes of animation to go!

Signe loves her 4B pencils

We begin Post Production in May. The Latvian Team will continue to color and composite the animation as we plunge into editing, scoring the film with Composer Kristian Sensini, and adding all the other elements of sound. Our goal is to complete "My Love Affair With Marriage" by Fall. The premiere? Most likely 2022. Let's all get vaccinated so the theaters and film festivals can open and welcome us in person!

Here is a still from the final third of the film, fully colored and composited by the Latvian Team:

Two Estonian Rascals interrupt Zelma and Bo making out in the lobby of a Hostel.

Just like Bo and Zelma making out in public, we exhibit our Budget in public. Below is a screenshot from the "Donate" page of our website where we open our books for you and the rest of the world to see.

With your help we have raised over One Million Dollars! THANK YOU!

However, to complete "My Love Affair With Marriage" we still need $189,842. This money will go toward post-production expenses, particularly music and sound, because a film without music and sound is like a bride without a dress.

Zelma, the Bride

We are working on numerous fronts to close the budget gap, but for us, the support of our backers is the most meaningful. All of your donations, small and large, make a tremendous impact. If you can, donate today. If you know of people or foundations willing to help, or if you have other ideas, please contact us at

Or, you can simply spread the word.

Thank you for your support! We cannot do this without you!


Sturgis, Signe and the entire "My Love Affair With Marriage" Team

P.S. We are planning a worldwide Zoom event in May to celebrate the end of production. You're invited! Stay tuned!

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